An Unforgettable Invitation: Comin Asia Wows the Crowd in Berlin

The German Ministry of Science and Energy organized an information session for German companies targeting and supporting energy investment opportunities in Cambodia. Suntke Heeren, the program’s regional coordinator, invited Rogier van Mansvelt, renewable energy engineer at Comin Asia, to speak at the event on September 4th, 2019.

The Journey Begins

An introduction on the solar investment climate in Cambodia got the audience up to speed. Speakers went over Cambodia’s bright solar future but did not fail to highlight its pitfalls and barriers as well.

A number of German companies were in attendance along with Comin Asia and joined in the presentation of the legal rules, regulations and investment climate in Cambodia. This seminar presented a great opportunity to network with many German companies interested in solar projects in Cambodia.

The Floating Solar Panels Project

I had the honor of showcasing our latest and most impressive project to date; the 9.8 MW solar installation project at CMIC. The delegates were especially drawn to the professional video that displayed the floating solar power panels project in full showcasing how the complex roof structure and floating system all came together.

Comin Asia has been leading the solar energy movement in Cambodia creating an entire division dedicated to renewable energy in 2008. Over the years, solar panel projects have grown in scale and in complexity leading up to the installation of Cambodia’s largest floating system and first curved roof panel. Comin Asia looks forward to supporting Cambodia’s energy industry further with advanced renewable energy projects, expanding upon its years of expertise and local market knowledge.

It was a thrill to be in a room amongst others as passionate about renewable energy solutions as I am. The trip was a golden opportunity to connect with industry leaders and everyone left with a greater understanding of the energy investment landscape in Cambodia.