Comin Khmere Installs Cambodia’s Largest-Ever Rooftop Solar Project

When ambitions to build largest floating and curved rooftop solar system become a reality, it’s worth letting the world know.


Given Comin Khmere’s experience and reputation as a leading engineering solutions provider in the Mekong region, along with in-depth knowledge of renewable energy construction, the Chip Mong Insee Cement Factory in Kampot, in partnership with Cleantech Solar turned to us to execute one of the largest feats in Cambodia’s eco-engineering history: be the first company to install 30,000 floating and curved roof solar panels.


A Strategic Approach Leads to Triumph


Comin Khmere began laying out the groundwork for what needed to be done in September 2018. This would be the first time that Comin Khmere carried out a solar project of this scale, so careful planning was needed. One of the bigger challenges was finding locations suitable for large-scale panel installations. The team carried out multiple site surveys before designing, simulating and later installing the solar panel systems.


The large curved roof was an especially difficult design feat to tackle and ensuring worker safety was paramount. To achieve that, Comin Khmere enforced stringent safety rules and constructed a special 40-degree angle walkway all along with the steep sites of the rooftop. For the floating solar system, following a thorough depth analysis, shore preparations and safety instructions were developed. These safety practices combined resulted in zero onsite incidents.


Another impressive aspect of this project was the complex control system that was installed, which managed all inverters through a complex optic cable network.


All in all, the project took six months to complete with  300 workers on site during peak installation periods.


The newly installed panels are capable of producing up to 13 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year, which is around 7% of the total energy needed for the plant.


Renewable Energy for a More Sustainable Cambodia


Solar energy offers a renewable and clean source of power that can supply electricity for millions of homes. Countries are taking notice and global demand for solar power is higher than ever.


In countries like Cambodia, where sunshine is year-long and abundant, solar power serves as one of the best sources of renewable energy.   Solar power will account for around 5% of the country’s peak demand in 2020, aiming at 15-20% by 2030.


This clean energy source is cost-effective and lowers the carbon footprint for both companies and consumers alike.


From this latest project alone, Comin Khmere is producing up to 13 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. The Comin Khmere team is excited to see our work contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Cambodia and we look forward to serving the country’s energy needs in eco-conscious ways.