DSFL Amps Up Road Safety in Cambodia

December 1st, 2018 Phnom Penh – Ford Motor Company and RMA Cambodia today launched its global corporate social responsibility (CSR) program,  Driving Skills for Life  (DSFL) in Cambodia, with the first sessions taking place in Kampong Chhnang province from November 30th – December 1st.

Cambodia is the 40th country to launch Driving Skills for Life, as more than 200 licensed drivers – including civil servants, truck drivers from public and private companies, Ford customers and members of the community – participated in four half-day DSFL workshops free-of-charge.

The DSFL programme aims to raise awareness of road safety, and help to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, by helping educate drivers on the skills and techniques needed to drive more safely.

The training sessions address various driver risks, such as dealing with unexpected scenarios, distracted driving caused by mobile phone use, hazard recognitions and speed management.

Organized in partnership with Ford’s local distributor partners, RMA Cambodia and the RMA Group, trainers from the RMA Academy who have been trained by Ford’s global DSFL team are conducting the DSFL training for participants.

œRoad safety is a very serious issue, and also one that is highly relevant to our business. We feel road safety is part of our corporate responsibility, and are proud to launch Driving Skills for Life training to help raise awareness of safe driving practices and techniques and help make the roads safer for everyone, said Truong Kim Phong, managing director, Asia Pacific Emerging Markets, Ford Motor Company.

The programme is conducted through a mix of classroom and practical training sessions where drivers are offered a hands-on driving experience.

œIn developing countries like Cambodia, motorization is happening so quickly that road traffic injuries and deaths are a fast-increasing cause for concern. People are taking to the road in ever-greater numbers, usually without the training to drive properly or the fundamental understanding of driving skills. Driver training, education and public awareness are critical to making a real difference, said Ngorn Saing, CEO of RMA Cambodia.

An emphasis on the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or medication was also incorporated as part of the programme. This included having participants wear specially designed goggles that help simulate the experience of driving while movement, coordination and alertness are impaired.

œWe are so pleased to add Cambodia to the list of 40 countries around the world where we offer the Ford Driving Skills for Life program, said Jim Vella, said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund – the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company. œThe program is now in its fifteenth year globally and has to date trained more than 1 million newly-licensed drivers, which equates to an investment of more than $40 million that Ford has committed to promoting road safety . 